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Property Management Services

Property Management Services

Advantages of renting your home with Prest Realty:

  • We will give friendly, honest, professional, and competent service.

  • We will personally show your property to prospective tenants, (we NEVER just give out a key).

  • We screen prospective tenants carefully, using our own custom application, checking references, and nationwide credit/background checks. We will call you with the results, and give you the final say.

  • We are fully knowledgable of and in compliance with Arizona Landlord and Tenant Laws. We have well over 60 years combined real estate experience in both sales and rental management.

  • We have experience dealing with  all types of maintenance and any other situations which might arise.

  • We will collect rents, serve any notices needed, and deal with evictions up to the actual court appearance (AZ law requires the property owner or a lawyer representing him/her appear in court). However, the cheapest, easiest eviction is the one you don’t have to do because we thoroughly screened the prospective tenants before hand.

  • We will keep you informed, calling, texting or E-mailing as needed.

  • As a full service real estate office we can help you sell your home if you ever decide it is time to sell

Our exclusive For Sale or Rent, Whichever Comes First listing plan can help you maximize your options! Call us today to discuss it!